Digital Strategy

Powering your digital journey

From whiteboard dreams to realizing real business outcomes, we can help you build a digital strategy.

Amadeus Dynamics is a leading digital innovator. We help grow, transform and improve businesses through the power of digital technologies. Our expertise and experience make us an ideal partner to help you create and execute your digital strategy.

Our approach to delivering digital

We start by identifying your challenges, opportunities and capabilities. We’ll help you define or refine your digital vision and set the strategy and roadmap to achieve your goals. From there, we’ll implement and help support your digital strategy for maximum results. We focus on three key areas:

Digital Transformation Strategy: We create tailored plans to digitize your entire organization, or focus on a specific area of your business. We offer agency-style digital strategies focusing on your customers or analyst-style centered on industry best practices.

Digital Vision Accelerator: We help you define and articulate an inspiring, yet practical, digital direction for your business, leveraging art-of-the-possible thinking. We take into account technology and organizational capabilities to help ground the vision.

Digital Lifecycle Support: With our managed service approach, we’ll ensure that your digital strategy remains relevant, realistic, effectively implemented and delivers results on a continual basis.

Digital Employee Experience

Enable your workforce with speed, flexibility and access to data

Establishing a digital culture and engaging your employees to achieve more requires the ultimate workplace. For today’s workers, that means creating a digital workplace tailored to their needs and expectations.

Amadeus Dynamics helps you provide a digital employee experience. With our help, you’ll create the right digital adoption strategy, deploy personalized productivity and communication tools, and offer self-service capabilities.

The benefits of digital working: Engagement, innovation

Creating a compelling digital experience for your employees generates more productive, social, mobile and data-rich ways of working. This results in higher levels of engagement, greater innovation and agility, a stronger organizational culture, and the ability to attract a new generation of talent.

Delivering a responsive framework to drive change

Amadeus Dynamics Digital Employee Experience solutions help improve adoption and management of the digital workplace. Our approach provides a responsive intranet framework that drives measurable behavior change. It delivers:

  • • An engaging user experience.
  • • Cloud-ready optimization of your digital platforms and tools.
  • • Intelligent technology that adapts to the context of your business.
  • • Upgrading of legacy content and applications.
  • • Secure, cross-platform mobile working.
  • • Always-on, anywhere access to the right information and analytics.
  • • Responsive design and seamless integration with your back-end systems.
Digital Enterprise Analytics

Easy access, useful insights

Businesses have more data than ever before. But accessing it can be challenging and time-consuming, demanding intensive support from IT.

Amadeus Dynamics Digital Enterprise Analytics solutions give your employees easy access to the data they need to do their jobs. Our solutions help you get the most from your data by transforming huge volumes of information into useful business insights.

Benefits: Fast insights, timely decisions

Powered by Cortana Intelligence Suite, Amadeus Dynamics Digital Enterprise Analytics solutions transform complex data into meaningful analytics experiences. This gives even non-technical workers unparalleled business intelligence when and where they need it. And it enables them to quickly discover new insights from their data and make more timely business decisions.

With an improved ability to detect trends, make decisions and share insights, you can drive a strategic advantage for your business

Digital Marketing

How well do you know your customers?

Your customers are more connected, informed and empowered than ever before. Does your digital marketing stand out in a noisy marketplace or are your competitors setting the pace?

Successful marketing organizations must reinvent their role in their customers’ digital world. They must create memorable, engaging experiences and use modern digital marketing platforms to scale and respond quickly.

It’s a tough task, but Amadeus Dynamics can help. Our full spectrum of Digital Marketing solutions cut across digital marketing strategy, creative and technology services.

Benefits: Scalability, agility, impact

We can equip your business with a scalable digital marketing platform, enabling your team to react rapidly to market trends. This means they can stay focused on creating effective marketing strategies and campaigns.

Amadeus Dynamics Digital Marketing services help businesses:

  • • Gain insight into the effectiveness of digital content and campaigns
  • • Revise and refine campaign content in order to improve impact.
  • • Deliver compelling and highly personalized experiences that boost sales conversion rates.
  • • Create convenient and engaging e-commerce platforms that empower customers to buy.
  • • Drive growth by attracting new customers and creating brand advocates.
Digital Marketing Analytics

Engage with your customers in new ways

Sure, you think you know your customers. And you’re working hard to serve them in the ways they expect. But are you able to take the extra step and serve them in ways they’ve never imagined?

To do that, you need to understand and engage your customers in entirely different ways. You must address not only web and mobile touchpoints but also offline and traditional physical experiences. That requires a true omni-channel approach, driven by data.

For a customer, this means an experience in one channel that picks up where the last one left off, without the need to restate the relationship and context. Amadeus Dynamics Digital Marketing Analytics solutions can put you on the path to true customer intimacy – and help you create engaging experiences that drive improved acquisition, retention and profitability.

Realizing the benefits of an omni-channel approach

To provide customers with a seamless experience, you must consider the larger context of social sphere, geo location, demographics and a wide variety of localized market trends. Through a comprehensive set of platforms, data and analytics approaches, we can provide you with this kind of insight across all your channels.

This enables a better understanding of your marketing ROI, improved customer acquisition, better retention of the right customers and improved customer experiences. And that translates into real results. For example, we helped a financial services organization drive a 25 percent increase in its marketing campaign results by using our Digital Marketing Analytics approach.

Digital Operations (IoT)

The shape of things to come

Amadeus Dynamics Digital Operations (IoT) solution brings together operational technology and information technology to help you improve efficiency and enable innovation. Our approach will help spur your transformation into a digital business. But only if it’s done right.

We incorporate relevant data from your operational technology, your information technologies, and even from emerging technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles, driverless cars and wearables.

But collecting data is only the start. We help drive maximum value for your business by focusing on the interactions of the data. And we deliver that information to the people who need it most, in a way they can easily understand.

The benefits of smart data

Wherever you are on your digital journey, we can help you realize the benefits of a robust, digital operations (IoT) ecosystem:

  • • Accelerate the conversion from ideas to plans with our innovative workshops.
  • • Reduce the time and risk of adopting digital operations with a digital transformation strategy engagement.
  • • Quickly validate your digital operations project and potential business value with our proof-of-concept approach.
  • • Transform your business using our expertise in digital technologies and integration to design, deploy and manage your digital operations (IoT) ecosystem.
Digital Sales and Service

Deliver the right customer experiences

Did you know … 56% of buyers will pay more for better customer service?

Today, digital sales and service is about responding faster to customer needs, unlocking new value and redefining customer engagement through highly focused experiences.

As the world’s leading provider of Digital Sales and Service solutions enabled by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Amadeus Dynamics helps you see, manage and deliver the right experience for marketing, sales management and customer service. The result: improved customer understanding, reduced costs, increased retention and loyalty, and delighted custome

The benefits of digital sales and service

Working with hundreds of organizations globally across numerous industries, we redefine the customer experience to help you:

  • • Get a single view of your customer and stop working in silos.
  • • See, understand and apply customer “moments of truth.”
  • • Personalize customer offerings and experiences.
  • • Improve customer self-service.
  • • Manage omni-channel interactions with customers.
  • • Implement solutions optimizing the channels used by customers.
  • • Drive consistent business processes to control costs.
  • • Increase revenues.
  • • Improve customer retention and loyalty.
Customer Analytics and Insights

Become an indispensable digital banking partner to your customers

The digital age and fintech revolution are enlightening customers about more convenient, proactive and personalized banking services. In addition, research has found that the disjointed and incomplete experiences in traditional banking are driving customers to consider non-traditional alternatives.

How does a traditional bank succeed in this new landscape? By becoming an “everyday bank.”

Harness the power of customer insights

An everyday bank is an indispensable partner to its customers, offering products and services the customer needs rather than what the institution wants to offer. Harnessing the power of customer insight is a key to becoming an everyday bank.

Our Customer Analytics and Insights solution helps banks apply customer insight during interactions across the customer journey. The result is next best action capabilities that enable banks to deliver the personalized experiences and advice that create greater value for the customer and drive success for the bank.

The benefits of providing personalised customer interactions

Developed on the Microsoft platform and leveraging Accenture financial services expertise, the Amadeus Dynamics Customer Analytics and Insights (ACAI) solution brings together innovative analytics capabilities and customer-facing technologies into a single integrated solution. A patented Customer Analytic Record (CAR) provides a complete omni-channel view of customer activity. ACAI then uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning to analyze customer activity and predict behavior to recommend next best actions.

These next best actions can be presented and executed in any distribution and channel system. The result is a solution that enables the real-time decision-making and recommendations that personalize any inbound or outbound customer interactions.

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